Paper Mache Sculptures

Rina Strod - sculptures with character

About Rina Strod

Rina Strod, lives in Kfar Vradim, in northern Israel.
She graduated an Art College in New York and working and producing Paper Mache's sculptures for the last 11 years.
A sculpture she creates reflects original, colorful & interesting creativity with high level and quality of finishing.
Her works are influenced from all kind of areas and aspects our world and daily life, most of them in humor way, and in the same time very decorative.
The creation of Paper Mache works enables her to use many kinds of materials, integrating many aspect of recycling materials.
Some of her works are relief's paintings.
Rina instructs adults in morning and evening courses.
In those courses she guides the students how to connect their feelings and thoughts and express them in their sculptures, using the techniques she teaches.
In the end of those courses her students are able to create happy, colorful, funny and sometime even significant art works with lots of colors and love.